Know in the way of work

International Transfers

The Etminan Brazil agency has conducted a study of international transfer of professional football players, coaches and physical trainers.

In our experience capturing top professionals, we always do a particular and careful work with our partners and clubs among several countries in Europe and Asia.

This has been our trademark for success, as we always aim to serve all who request our agency’s services.

Each country has its particularity in search of professionals. Europe usually search for strong young players, that resemble the european style, and in some Asian countries, want a little more experienced players that may have an easier time adaptation

Identifying each particular need, we strive to make the best selection of athletes and professionals in evidence, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our partners.

Coordenation of Clubs

Due to our agency extensive experience in football, since our team is formed primarily by former athletes, we have developed a working methodology for football clubs management.

We work throughout all categories of a club, from the basic categories , to health department, physiologists, coaches, athletes and professional administrator.

All these professionals are supervised by our agency for a better development of the club. In our days, football teams need a lot more than just good players. A team to be a champion need a serious work in all areas.

We see a football team as a business, and as in any comapny that is working to develop a profitable business, it needs skilled professionals in every department.

In order to achieve these results, it requires planning, people involved with the project, and especially that that everyone work as a team. This is our mission, planning and organizing the club (the Company), select the best people to carry out the project.

We need to keep that in mind in order to Champions.

Camp Training and Games

The completion of clinical training and friendly matches are required areas of clubs and partner agency.

Every year we perform in Brazil and also in other countries when requested, such as TurkeyAntalya, teams prior to championships.

Our support team provides club services since their arrival until their departure.

We have shutter service, laundry, food, friendly matches, physiotherapy, medical and tours during periods of rest.

We also offer all support to our professionals in the field looking to teach all the techniques of Brazil football.

The friendly matches are arranged according to the club request, always with opponents of a professional level and basic categories for a better evaluation of the team before the championship.

We look forward to receiving your team for training camp at Etminan Brazil.

Advertising Proposal

We would like to first thank you in advance for the opportunity to present to your company this formal proposal of advertising in our advertising area.

Our agency has been successful in the sports market , developing a serious and professional work, both nationally and internationally, with our athletes and partners worldwide.

Why advertise on Etminan Brazil is so engaging and brings positive results?

The answer to that question is simple: because besides being an excellent form of communication, it involves feelings of a big passion, soccer, to all places where our agency take our athletes , in Brazil and woldwide.

The football business gathers people from a diversity of cultures, unique and selected audience of high purchasing power and opinion leaders. The exposure of your brand to such audience, will bring business benefits and professional services to you.

Etminan’s business is to identify the demands and manage the search of new markets for our athletes. And we can take your business to this very profitable and high visible world of soccer, considering that the two biggest world sporting events (World Cup 2014 and 2016 Olympics Games) will happen in the coming years in Brazil.

Soccer Investments

Today football is one of the best investment market worldwide.

The secret is how to make your club (company) to have a great source of revenue as the expenses are too high.

That is where we come in, working in partnership with the club (business) enabling this through better planning, external resources, advertising sales, players negotiations, and identifying football partners.

Your club, like any other company, have officers, services, brand awareness, revenue and expenses.

The club greatest consumer is the fans, and its best product to be negotiable is the players.

We have our agency ready and prepared to serve your club with the best services and work.

We appreciate the confidence in Etminan.

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