Player Profile



Nationality :Brazilian
Date Of Birth :10/05/1995
Height :190 cm
Weight :87 kg

Washington is a great Defender born on 10th of May of 1995.
He has played in some clubs of Brazilian football, doing a great job in the most of them and has played in the U-Team of Goiás and Vitória, traditional clubs of Brazil.
Washington is very tall and strong, skillful, fast, has excellent passes for short and long distances and has a perfect tackle.

My Motivation

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Nova Mutum EC – BRAZIL 2021
AE Jataiense – BRAZIL 2020
Santa Cruz RN – BRAZIL 2020
América Teófilo Ot. – BRAZIL 2019
Comercial – BRAZIL 2018
Democrata Sete Lagoas – BRAZIL 2018
Novo Horizonte – BRAZIL 2017
Tupynambás – BRAZIL 2017
Bahia de Feira – BRAZIL 2016
Vitória – BRAZIL 2015-2016
Goiás – BRAZIL 2014