Player Profile


Midfielder Offensive

Nationality :Brazilian
Date Of Birth :07/03/1995
Height :182 cm
Weight :74 kg

Endrick is an excellent midfielder borned in 7th of May 1995.
He has played in some clubs of Brasil, doing a great job in the most of them and has an international experience earned in Romenia and in Cyprus, places that he showed a great football.
Endrick is a midfielder offensive that can creat chances to score easily, giving passes and he can be the scorer with his great shoots for long and short distances.

FA Penang – MALAYSIA 2020-2021
FA Selangor – MALAYSIA 2019
Felcra FC – MALAYSIA 2018
FC Botosani – ROMENIA 2017
AEZ Zakakiou – CYPRUS 2016
Ypiranga BA – BRAZIL 2016
Santa Rita – BRAZIL 2016
Bahia – BRAZIL 2015
Campinense – BRAZIL 2015