Player Profile



Nationality :Brazilian
Date Of Birth :28/07/1986
Height :193 cm
Weight :93 kg

Casagrande is a great player borned in 28th of July 1986. He has played in many clubs of Brazil and have done a great job, he has an international experience earned in Asia, a place that he did a great job and scored a lot of goals.
Anselmo is a very tall player, great heading and excellent shoot with both legs.

My Motivation

Success is born of wanting determination and persistence in reaching the goal has nothing to do with luck, but with work and faith.

Penang FA – MALAYSIA 2019-2022
Melaka Utd – MALAYSIA 2019
Felcra FC – MALAYSIA 2018
BOA Esporte – BRAZIL 2017
Campinense – BRAZIL 2017
Kuala Lumpur FA – MALAYSIA 2016
Salgueiro – BRAZIL 2015
Coruripe – BRAZIL 2015
Jacuipense – BRAZIL 2014
Sampaio Correia – BRAZIL 2012-2013
MAC – BRAZIL 2010-2011
Sport Recife – BRAZIL 2005-2010